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Mission of Hdiabetes.com Lobby group


Vision:   Eliminate the corruptions and the conflict of interest at the core of our sociopolitical systems that prevent diabetes type 1 cure to occur.


Promote discovery and publication of a comprehensive type 1 diabetes auto-immune reversal methodology available publically to everyone. As opposed to anonymously owned,private methodology not shared with general public and no restriction of public sharing  in patent.


  1. To promote the most promising independent research that reverses diabetes type 1, even though the medication has an expired patent or natural compound(unpatentable), so, it will translate into an affordable reversal for everyone. 
  2. To inform the general public about conflict of interests in medical research,  medical funding, regulatory organizations and drug groups.
  3. To organize collective events to promote our mission.
  4. To find the solutions to end corruption and share them with the general public to bring awareness.

Our force resides in power of group.  We're recruiting  volunteers to help us in this matter and help us in our mission.

Hdiabetes Team


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