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Faustman Research Phase 1 BCG abstract

Following is the phase I abstract of Dr Faustman's BCG research to cure( reverse) diabetes type 1. The full research paper will be available in next weeks. Phase I is safety phase with very low doses.  ...

Become a volunteer for hdiabetes.com

... Relations advisers, advising on best communications with the public. Media representatives. (some experience required) Researchers and advisers in the medical, political and legal fields. ...

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... research.   We use google technology to offer the best search engine technology. All the revenue generated from sponsor links will be given to Dr Faustman's research. Every time ...

Multiple Sclerosis MS and Diabetes Type 1

... blood pressure, cholesterol, depression and so on. Also, each one of these drugs has had millions of dollars in research invested in them. If a cure were found, not only would the sale of drugs be halted, ...


Official faustman’s lab research: http://www.faustmanlab.org/ Here is the  factsheet of Dr. Faustman's research: http://www.faustmanlab.org/clinicaltrial/fact_sheet.pdf  ...

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the main objective of HDIABETES.com ? The main objective is to speed up the funding of the most promising research to reverse diabetes Type 1. Why is Dr. Faustman’s research the most likely ...
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