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Pssst..., Have you Heard?
The talk of the town is that
There's a cure for Diabetes Type 1   Shhhhh!
I said, there's a cure for Diabetes Type 1.
Don't breathe a word to anyone.
Because the cure would put people out of work
It would reduce the pharmaceuticals profits
It would halt funding to so-called research projects.  Shhhhh!
It would eliminate the danger of low blood sugars
And free people to work with full attention
It would allow people to work at jobs that fit their talents
   Instead of sitting at home trying to control their highs and lows
It would save the government having to pay for test strips, insulin,
   etc., and maybe decrease our taxes.
It would increase positive vibrations all over the world because
   diabetics wouldn't live in fear of their disease every day
   and that would help everyone.
So, again, what's the reason we have to keep quiet about the cure?
For information on why the cure won't be made public
Until the public decides it will be, go to:
And for more information on the cure, go to:


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