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A new article  posted on nature  poses the growing problem  with the conflict of interests in medical research. We need to reverse diabetes type 1 but such type of conflict of interests prevent medecine to evolve. Diabetes type 1 cure is a possibility without any conflict of interest  on expired patent drug  or natural compound. Dr Faustman's currently the most promising research active on an expired drug patent.

quotation :

Overwhelming evidence that relationships between universities, physicians and the medical products industry benefit patients explains the ubiquitous calls to encourage such relationships. Yet accumulating 'conflict of interest' regulations in academic health centers, government and industry have had the opposite effect. Justifications underlying the regulations lack quantitative rigor, and the rules they enforce impose costly bureaucratic requirements of dubious benefit. Evidence shows that they have diminished the collaborations deemed beneficial to health enhancement.   Source:  http://www.nature.com/nm/journal/v17/n4/full/nm0411-437.html?WT.ec_id=NM-201104

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