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Third Newsletter

The Myth of Research:  Good Science and Bad


Do you remember when you first got diabetes?  It was in the 1970’s or 1980’s or 1990’s.   You were young, and it was a big change.  You were told that research was madly happening, but that it would be another 10 years before we got any results at all.  Along the way, you went to refreshers , or to lectures on new progress, and they said, despite these wonderful new studies, we won’t see any results for at least another 10 years.

We participated in Runs for the Cure, and donated to the CDA or ADA.  But we never really heard anything about the research we were supporting.  We assumed that if there was something discovered, someone would tell us immediately, as no one, no one would want people to suffer with this terrible disease longer than they absolutely had to.

So we went on living with diabetes the best we could.  We did all the right things, but found that blood sugars just went high or low for unknown reasons.  We worried about complications, and dreamed about what life would be like if they found a cure.  We knew they were looking for a cure.

Once in a while a researcher would be interviewed on the news about having a novel approach, but there wouldn’t be any results  -- for about 10 years.

Money vs Hope

Along the way, we heard about Terry Fox running for the cure for cancer.  When he was cured, we rejoiced, and when he was struck down again, we cried.  I remember as a child of about 12, wanting to give all the money I had to someone somewhere to help him.  Maybe the cancer associations, or directly to research?  Surely they would have the tools and the will to conquer this disease.  Who else would??

The money that was donated at that time was astronomical, and continues to accrue with the Terry Fox Run that’s held each year.  We were happy.  Now they have enough money!  They surely will find a cure.

And then another couple decades went by, with no cure.   And you wondered, just in passing, if donating money wasn’t what was really needed to cure cancer.

Proven but Unrecognized Cures

Then, amazingly we heard stories of Hemp Oil curing skin and breast cancers.  (See the story of David Triplett on Youtube, and associated videos).  Along with these reports, we heard that pharmaceuticals will not invest the millions of dollars needed for scientific study required by the FDA and Health Canada because some medications (like Hemp Oil) don’t have a patent, and won’t make money for the drug companies.  And we scratched our heads, thinking, “Whattttt?  I must have heard that wrong.”  Certainly saving lives is more important than any other consideration?

We heard of the CCSVI treatment helping thousands of MS sufferers around the world, but was first denied funds for study by the Canadian Department of Health on advice of a board made up largely of pharmaceutical representatives.  Only public opinion changed the government’s mind.

In 2002, Dr. Rafael Valdes successfully cured Diabetes type 1 in some patients by transplanting Sertoli cells from pigs into humans.  Reference:


Since then there has been no trace of further work on his project.

In 2006, Drs. Salter and Dosch discovered that capsaicin (found naturally in peppers) injected directly into the pancreas of mice caused the islet cells to start producing insulin.  Reference:  http://www.naturalnews.com/021345.html .  Also:  ”Dosch and Salter expect to complete human trials of the treatment in the next year.”  Dr. Dosch has since told the public the study has been cancelled due to lack of funds.

More recently, in 2011 researchers from the University of Alberta have cured many forms of cancer using DCA, dichloroacetate, a generic drug which therefore won’t make the drug co’s any money.  Thus they will not fund the millions of dollars required for testing on humans.  A representative from the U of A says that further testing required by the FDA is awaiting public funding before they are able to proceed.  Please see:  “DCA Cancer Cure Discovered” on Youtube.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of projects that have found real cures, but were mysteriously not heard of again.

Science and information

Surely these are hoaxes, we thought.  They just want to get attention or sell their product!  We weren’t fooled.  We’d put our faith in people who have always proven their trustworthiness in the past!

Then you heard a story about reporters for major newspapers being asked to lie about research findings, or how long a drug has been tested for safety.  Reference:  "Monsanto Bovine Growth Hormone Causes Cancer" on Youtube.

Then just briefly, just fleetingly, you wondered if the wealthy Pharmaceuticals could possibly have an influence on the media?  If that was so, then media might have an interest in keeping cures from public attention, where focused attention may get more funds going to researchers with actual results.

No! you say.  This wouldn’t happen!  I have faith in people.  Especially government.  And especially in the medical establishment.  They surely wouldn’t let people suffer and die from cancer or other diseases in order to get extremely rich?  . . . . Would they?

But there was the nagging realization that yes, if a cure was found, drug co’s would stand to lose a lot of money in donations, in venture capital and in money donated by government for research.

Well, I can’t do anything about it anyway!  So what?  Someone else who’s in charge will do it.  Someone else will have the courage.  We throw our hands up in resignation.

Who Is Responsible?

But they won’t do it.  Dr. Stanislav Burzynski has had the cure for many incurable cancers since 1975.  (Please see ‘Burzynski the Movie’ :  Reference:


or for transcripts:

http://www.burzynskimovie.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=96&Itemid=77 )

Phase 3 trials of Dr. Burzynski's formula is now in process,  Reference:    http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01260103?term=burzynski&phase=2&rank=1 but he had to undergo much opposition from the FDA.  During this time, this information was not given to doctors or patients, so they could at least have had the choice to contact his clinic.   Patients' only choice was radiation and chemotherapy.  This is science, but it is not used in a way that is beneficial to the public.   In other words, research is chosen by the pharmaceuticals, and for specific purposes.

Did you even know about the cure for diabetes? Have you ever heard that the studies of Dr. Denise Faustman have cured Diabetes type 1 in lab studies since 2001?  Ask your diabetes education centre, or doctor, or JDRF if they know about it.  They either wouldn’t know about it, or would pooh-pooh it.

Well, perhaps something is happening, you say, but maybe it makes the economy run, or something.  Well, no not really.  It just makes the pharmaceuticals rich.


*                       *                       *

So, coming back to our original question:  Do we really have research?  We have science, but not towards what we’ve always thought.  Any involvement of the Drug companies in finding a cure for any disease where medications are involved, would be a conflict of interest. It would diminish their profits if a cure were implemented.

That is why we the public must support independent researchers like Denise Faustman.  It’s just not going to happen through profit-making organizations.  Independent researchers are not controlled by the bottom line profit motive.  They truly want to bring cures into the world.  But they can’t unless we the public financially supports them.

Put research into the hands of the people.  Please give directly to her lab at www.faustmanlab.org.  On this website you can click to the academic papers where you can see the results of research papers for yourself.  You can also support this website by making “Search the Web” page as your home page, and all funds gained from this will go to Dr. Faustman.  (please see instructions under “Search the Web” in the above menu).

Also, please help spread this information to people you know.  The more people know about this research, the more likely we’ll get people to donate.  Help make research Good Science by supporting people who actually want a cure for Diabetes type 1.


The Editors,



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