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Hdiabetes has just learned of "Burzinski the Movie", which we're forwarding to you. In summary, this amazing man has found the same problem happening in cancer research and treatment, as has been happening with the Faustman project. Dr. Burzynski has found a non-toxic cure for several types of previously incurable cancers but was prohibited by law from practicing outside the state of Texas. SINCE 1975, people that have been cured of incurable cancers now number in the hundreds and perhaps thousands. Yet this unbelievable discovery that would give so many people their lives, as well as reduce the terrible suffering involved in traditional chemo and radiation therapy is NOT known to the general public. How is this happening?  Please see for yourself:


or for transcripts:



What we've suspected of the Drug companies has become all the more clear. Here are some important facts brought out in the movie:

1. Pharmaceutical co's have bought out the wing of the FDA that reviews new drugs. (See chapter 5 of the transcripts 28:48 - 34:57).  Therefore, we now have one of the most profitable (and profit-seeking) of industries in a government regulatory board!

Paraphrasing the movie:  In 1992 Congress passed the Pharmaceutical Drug User Fee which authorized drug co's to pay user fees for each brand name drug considered for approval.  The part of the agency (FDA) that reviews new drugs now gets more than half of its money from the pharmaceutical industry.

2. The FDA Medical Examination Board took Dr. Burzynski to the Supreme Court 6 times, using taxpayers money. Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplastins was proven to cure cancer, with NO side effects.  After the first 2 Supreme Court trials, the FDA tried to indict him on a technicality, which was that the medication did not have all the clinical trials required by the FDA. In the meantime, people were dying from cancer who could have been saved.

Why did the FDA continue to harangue Dr. Burzynski? Could it have been an attempt to discourage him and deplete his funds with legal fees?

In 1995, congressman Hon. Joe Barton held an Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee regarding his 6 Supreme Court indictments by the FDA.  Quote:

Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee Hearings 11/15/95; Hon. Joe Barton:
In my opinion, you have every right to use the investigative authority and the judicial resources of the federal government to the justice department convene a grand jury, that’s very appropriate, the first time, perhaps even the second time, it becomes questionable the third time, the fourth time, and the fifth time, it is not I think an illogical conclusion to think that the FDA has a vendetta against Dr. Burzynski, or wants to retaliate for some reason, now that’s my opinion. How many grand jury investigations have to occur, that result in no finding of fault before you as commissioner of the FDA would encourage those within your organization to cease and desist?

Many former patients who had been cured from incurable cancers, as well as jurors from previous trials, all protested in front of the courts where his trials were held. How can a government office do something so obviously unproductive and just plain illogical? And use taxpayer's money to do it?

You would think government administrators would want to save taxpayers money, and as well, promote a cure for cancer (and diabetes!) It would save the government billions in research grants, as well as subsidizing expensive cancer drugs. Not if this regulatory board had the profits of the pharma co's in mind. How can this government board be declaring policy that is extremely dangerous to people who have cancer (i.e. radiation and chemotherapy)? And attempt to discredit a researcher who actually does cure cancer? I guess the Hippocratic Oath to help cure all people of diseases, and do everything possible to prevent them from dying, DOESN'T APPLY TO DRUG COMPANIES. In fact, the opposite seems to be true!

Even if one were to look at this scenario from a purely economic viewpoint,  implementing the cures would only result in greater profits for the health industry.   Why?   Because implementing cures would cause people to live instead of die.  If people die, then they can't consume health services.  If they live, then they are consuming health services, including drugs, over their entire lifetime.

For example, if a 5 year old child dies from brain cancer, the profit from using the healthcare system over his entire lifetime would obviously be incredibly more than his chemo and radiation for 5 to 8 months.

Similarly with Diabetes, what we've suspected of the role of drug co's in ignoring Dr. Faustman's work is becoming clearer.  When it comes to drug co. profits, the media seems supremely unconcerned to report actual cures.  Being aware of the tactics of pharmaceuticals gives diabetics the incentive to FOLLOW THE RESEARCH OF DENISE FAUSTMAN in bringing the cure of diabetes type 1 to public awareness.  It's the public who can bring Stage 2 research to completion, as this research is funded only by individuals and by philanthropic organizations, and not by pharmaceuticals.

Burzynski the Movie is scheduled to play in theatres over the world in the next few months.  Watch to see in your corner of the world, if it will indeed be shown. If not, some major things are happening that don't allow free speech. Please send this movie, or its transcript, to everyone you know. 

The Editors, hdiabetes.com


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