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Some additional information

... sclerosis (Phase II trials) showed amazing effects when patients are followed out 5 years so the BCG drug can have long lasting therapeutic effects in autoimmunity that are now are allowing Phase III testing ...


... One possible reason could be the health risks of administering BCG to patients.  Well, maybe.  But at one time, in our not too distant past, BCG cured our world of Tuberculosis, and has already ...

Conflict of interests and diabetes type 1 cure

... research active on an expired drug patent. quotation : Overwhelming evidence that relationships between universities, physicians and the medical products industry benefit patients explains the ...

Faustman Research Phase 1 BCG abstract

...  phase I trial, we treated adult patients with long-term type 1 diabetics with BCG, a non-virulent genetic vaccine, to determine whether BCG depletes the disease-causing autoimmune cells and identify an ...

Multiple Sclerosis MS and Diabetes Type 1

... North America were not allowed to treat MS with this procedure, thousands of MS patients went to other countries like Poland, India, Mexico, South America, to have the procedure done. Most came back with ...