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Whatever you guys do, don't do what I did

... n other. BCG is a vaccine that is prepared from a strain of the attenuated (virulence-reduced) live bovine tuberculosis bacillus. Dr. Faustman in her patent recommended 2 or 3 doses per week DEPENDIN ...

The FDA and You - Up Close and Personal

... the FDA have been accused of buying the research patent to studies that show some rate of cure.  This means that neither the original researcher nor other scientists interested in pursuing that line ...

Occupy Corporatism and diabetes type 1

... Reporting, and Royalties Patent applications and the execution of royalty agreements to use inventions protected by such patent applications relating to any invention made with the support, in whole ...

Conflict of interests and diabetes type 1 cure

... prevent medecine to evolve. Diabetes type 1 cure is a possibility without any conflict of interest  on expired patent drug  or natural compound. Dr Faustman's currently the most promising ...


... methodology not shared with general public and no restriction of public sharing  in patent.   To promote the most promising independent research that reverses diabetes type 1, ...