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Some additional information

... facts, but we just don’t agree with you that the FDA is operating with the public interest as its primary purpose. We believe that they are using their indemnity as a smoke-screen forcing bad methodology ...

Questioning your anonymity

... ear Bill, Thanks for bcc us on your email to the Faustman lab. We are not averse to them knowing about our nsl. I'm sure they truly do want a better methodology but are restricted by the FDA. We ...

Whatever you guys do, don't do what I did

...  your specific type 1b. Animal insulin could be better to help you to stabilize your diabetes as well. The reason for this is that the METHODOLOGY or PROTOCOL of treatment with BCG is very importa ...


... 1 cure to occur.   Promote discovery and publication of a comprehensive type 1 diabetes auto-immune reversal methodology available publically to everyone. As opposed to anonymously owned,private ...