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Whatever you guys do, don't do what I did

... ith age and I'm losing hope. _____________________ Dear Hoping4cure, I remember reading about your experiments using BCG. That's why we've come to the conclusion that it's NOT a good idea to try B ...

The FDA and You - Up Close and Personal

... well and good.  But what if I told you that no entity anywhere has an obligation to publish a study either in whole or in part?  Thus if a study found a drug or device that caused a health problem, ...

Occupy Corporatism and diabetes type 1

... has always made more jobs than it’s eliminated. In fact, people raised in the era of old-fashioned capitalism, before the 1990’s, might look at the rise of Corporatism as good. But this ...

Economic Benefits of Curing Diabetes type1

... were always good for basic scientific knowledge. But they didn’t seem to understand the unpredictability of our condition and how many variables effected blood sugars. Scientifically it makes perfect sense. ...

Multiple Sclerosis MS and Diabetes Type 1

... / How can it be possible to study something for nearly 4 decades without bringing it to market, and benefiting people who are suffering? I’d say it’s a pretty good business – to be paid a huge amount  ...