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Some additional information

I have had a chance to visit with Dr. Faustman. Here is some information I gathered that might be helpful. The FDA did limit Faustman/Nathan to two doses in the Phase I trial. MGH had originally ...

Whatever you guys do, don't do what I did

I injected about 50 adult doses into my arm in 2012, intravenously, to try and cure myself. It was insanely painful and got infected where the BCG flowed out into my forearm under the skin. My forearm ...

The FDA and You - Up Close and Personal

... In Phase 1, as you recall, Dr. Faustman had asked for 12 test subjects.   The FDA said she could use 3 test subjects each receiving a total of two doses of BCG, timed 4 weeks apart.  ...


... 2, which gives greater doses of BCG to a greater number of test subjects.  However there is one more thing before Phase 2 can proceed:  the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the US) must approve ...

Faustman Research Phase 1 BCG abstract

Following is the phase I abstract of Dr Faustman's BCG research to cure( reverse) diabetes type 1. The full research paper will be available in next weeks. Phase I is safety phase with very low doses.  ...