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Whatever you guys do, don't do what I did

...  ON BIOMARKERS. Knowing the biomarkers are essential because one can then see how the immune system is responding to the BCG -- whether it is producing C-peptides or anti-GAD,bad t-cells, killed bad t ...

Boosting the Immune System

It seems that your main goal is to boost and enhance the immune system that is impaired badly leading to the destruction of beta cells partially or totally. Wish you complete success in this way. __________________ Hi, ...

Faustman Research Phase 1 BCG abstract

...  models to reverse disease by specifically removing autoreactive T cells and unleashing pancreas regeneration to restore long-term normoglycemia. In murine models of type 1 diabetes, this therapeutic interventio ...

Multiple Sclerosis MS and Diabetes Type 1

...  mice caused the islet cells to start producing insulin. “The researchers said they were stunned to discover that the injected mice's islet cells began producing insulin normally almost immediately.” Referenc ...