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Questioning your anonymity

Terrific Newsletter #8 analyses you folks researched and published (sent a copy to Dr Faustman & Team for comment, Bcc to you)...BUT, why WHY do you all remain anonymous??? You're promoting a hopeless (IMHO) grass-roots effort by your (relatively handful of mostly diabetic) readers, but to what effect if you're not willing to even expose and publish who you are? To successfully challenge a deeply entrenched federal bureaucracy in-bed with big pharma will require tons more support from more deep-pocket philanthropists, major and continuous bi-partisan media attention, the medical professions' plus ADA, JDRF, etc. consensus support, and politically powerful spokesmen and women from inside and outside the feds to even begin to have a chance of a proverbial snowball in hell of changing the system! But how can you, we, or anyone get the backing and support needed if you guys don't sign up with your name, rank and serial number to kick things off with? A just and long-neglected cause such as ours requires every ounce of muscle we can muster nation-wide to have any hope of prevailing, so please help me understand your reluctance if you don't agree.. --------------------------------- Dear Bill, Thanks for bcc us on your email to the Faustman lab. We are not averse to them knowing about our nsl. I'm sure they truly do want a better methodology but are restricted by the FDA. We have had several confirmations from sources near Dr. Faustman that she is currently negotiating to change the current FDA approved Phase 2 methodology. However Dr. Faustman can't do it alone. The FDA won't listen to her. But if there is public opinion behind her then change is more likely. The question is: how can we get as many people knowing about this issue as possible in order to put pressure on the FDA or even higher -- to government or even Congress. You're right, this is a small grass roots effort read mostly by diabetics. So we need to expand our story to reach absolutely everyone we can. The tactics of the FDA effect everyone. You said how can we get the support of the larger society if we don't identify ourselves? Firstly, Hdiabetes.com's mission is a collaborative effort, not an individual one. Secondly please be aware that anyone who goes against the will of established corporations, be it in the energy sector (so many energy saving devices just gathering dust in corporate files), the food sector, or in the pharmaceutical sector, are harassed or worse. There have been many, many examples of this. But then, as you say, how can we promote our cause to the higher-ups? It would be ideal if we could find a public figure to support our mission but we don't as yet have one If anyone out there is interested, please let us know. Other than that, we're doing the only thing we can do, and that is telling everyone we know. We will contact other groups concerned with honesty in research and encourage our readers to do the same. Also, we are starting entries on Facebook and Twitter, and encourage our readers to use these social networks to get the word out to individuals and organizations. You're right in saying ours is a just and long-neglected cause and that we need every ounce of muscle to prevail. Thank you for your comment Bill.


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