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Whatever you guys do, don't do what I did

I injected about 50 adult doses into my arm in 2012, intravenously, to try and cure myself. It was insanely painful and got infected where the BCG flowed out into my forearm under the skin. My forearm still has three large, red, stained marks along the veins, where I did the injections, even two years later I still wear long sleeve shirts to work because it makes me look like a junkee. I rarely go to barbecues or wear T shirts for any reason, except indoors. I have no idea what Faustman's research is now about, but it didn't work for me. I tested myself after taking the first three small doses in my upper arm under the skin, to test it, and then tested for C-peptides but didn't notice any difference. Then I did the huge injections and my blood sugar didn't improve, if anything it got worse for a while as happens when you have a cold. I did some gad antibody tests and I don't have any, and some other antibody tests too and it looks like my diabetes isn't even true type 1, but some kind of hybrid idiopathic type1b that isn't autoimmune. Either that or my antibodies died away long ago because my pancreas is totally dead, and there isn't a single living beta cell inside me. Maybe if I got some regenerative medecine to start them growing again I could be cured easier than most type 1s now, or maybe it will come back with a vengeance. Anyway, I hope they find a cure soon, my health is deteriorating with age and I'm losing hope. _____________________ Dear Hoping4cure, I remember reading about your experiments using BCG. That's why we've come to the conclusion that it's NOT a good idea to try BCG treatment on your own. Dr Faustman's research is restricted to diabetes type 1 auto-immune.. Type 1b or idiopathic is not in this research. One of inclusion criteria of this research is to test positive to anti-gad anti-bodies and low c-peptide. It's the common clinical practice to confirm type 1 auto-immune. You need have both. Anti-gad positive and low c-peptide level to confirm type 1 auto-immune. Type 1b could have several causes like genetic, inflammation, hormone imbalance from the other organs,pancreatitis, side effect of past medical drugs,etc... so it's complex.. The best chance for you is to find a doctor specialist worldwide that could establish a strong diagnostic. After you have a strong diagnostic, you could determine the best course of treatment and potential cure suitable for your specific type 1b. Animal insulin could be better to help you to stabilize your diabetes as well. The reason for this is that the METHODOLOGY or PROTOCOL of treatment with BCG is very important. That means the amount given, how its given, and when it's given must all be taken into consideration. Even the nurses could make mistakes in the injection technique resulting in severe skin reaction. Compare to one person alone without a proper medical training it increases the risk of severe skin reaction. It is very small health issue even with severe skin reaction that will impact more your appereance than your overall long-term health. In the researches they showed with a proper injection technique of bcg you almost virtually eliminate the skin reaction and some injection sites are better than other. BCG is a vaccine that is prepared from a strain of the attenuated (virulence-reduced) live bovine tuberculosis bacillus. Dr. Faustman in her patent recommended 2 or 3 doses per week DEPENDING ON BIOMARKERS. Knowing the biomarkers are essential because one can then see how the immune system is responding to the BCG -- whether it is producing C-peptides or anti-GAD,bad t-cells, killed bad t-cells , etc. The biomarkers indicate very different things, and determine the time and amount of the next dose. The methodology is more important than the compound itself to cure diabetes type 1. It's interesting to note that though biomarkers are essential in determining pancreatic response, the FDA did not allow Faustman to adjust the dosages of bcg according the biomarkers in Phase 1 and will not allow it in Phase 2 as well. If a simple blood test indicating such important information in treatment is not allowed, the glaring question is: WHY? Hope this helps and thanks for your comment. Editors, Hdiabetes.com

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