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FDA - The SOLE reason we don't have a cure by now!

As a type I diabetic for I don't know how many years (20+), I've been always told that a cure would be found within five years. Many five years have passed and we have nothing. I was also told many times that a cure (many, in fact) was found, but the FDA was suppressing it by bullying the researchers or providing them with more money than the cure ever would so that they halt the research process. I really don't know what you can do to fight an invisible enemy that actually is nothing more than a collection of each of us: The FDA is a by-product of capitalism and we people are what feed capitalism. We should have power over this enemy... Maybe diabetics of all types from all over the world should unite and go on a strike of some sort. That's the only thing I can think of. Or I personally don't see a cure for diabetes in the short term UNLESS A MORE PROFITING EPIDEMIC COMES INTO BEING TO FEED THIS MONSTER. __________________ Dear Aykut, Thank- you for your thoughtful comment. I'm going to disagree with your comment that the bullying tactics of Pharma/Fda are like all of us. If it were up to me, I would want real research to find a real cure, and I know you would too. I don't want to believe that the heartless system of capitalism that the rich and powerful have fashioned can't be changed somehow to be more compassionate. I believe it starts with communication. Before the internet we never even heard about the abuses of power in our system. It's true we still don't know exactly what to do to implement a lot of things, but many things HAVE been accomplished since the 99% have been able to communicate on the internet. Brainstorming is the first step in finding solutions. Maybe we should have online votes for issues that require change. I was also thinking that if we had independent medical people saying that the dosage of BCG that is currently used for Bladder Cancer, is safe to use for Faustman's Phase 2, then we can call out the FDA to justify their reason. If they can only explain in scientific gobildy-gook and not in plain language, then we can protest further. The fact is that we may think something's impossible, but in actuality, we don't KNOW what IS possible. Until we brainstorm, like you have Aykut, and try something new. The internet has put a whole new spin on what can be done, wouldn't you say? Thanks you so much for your post. Keep on connecting and brainstorming! Best Regards, The Editors, Hdiabetes.com


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