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Boosting the Immune System

It seems that your main goal is to boost and enhance the immune system that is impaired badly leading to the destruction of beta cells partially or totally. Wish you complete success in this way. __________________ Hi, Thanks for your comment, but we're not the Faustman Lab. (learn more about it at www.faustmanlab.org. On this website we're informing people of the difficulties an independent researcher has WITHOUT A GRANT FROM THE PHARMACEUTICALS. All pharmaceuticals have REFUSED to fund Dr. Faustman's studies. Why? we asked, when such a knowledgeable and esteemed researcher has already found a cure for Dt1 in mouse studies? The answer, we found after much study, is that Pharma funds only studies that will BRING THEM MORE PROFIT. And the finding of a cure -- incidentally t here are many cures that have been found for many other diseases -- WILL CUT PROFITS. So, in other words, because of the system as it stands now, cures will never be allowed to be activated, even they now exist and have the power to alleviate the pain in people's lives. Thank you for your comment, Best Wishes, The Editors, Hdiabetes.com

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