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I haven't a clue how I stumbled onto you

I haven't a clue how I stumbled onto your site, but finding we are in near 100% agreement on your blogs, I'm happy I did. But as a newbie here, I do have a few site-feedback questions, suggestions, and thoughts I hope you'll consider: 1) Allow html in your member comment design! 2) Joining you I've found is unnecessarily complicated and should be simplified if you're looking for expanded membership.

I related well with your review blog in the current June newsletter, which perhaps could have used more discussion on why the JDRF, ADA, and NIH are not only not supportive of Dr Faustman's work with their $$$, but at least in the JDRF case, have been active in opposing her. I fully understand profit motivated pharmaceuticals being actively resistent to killing their golden-egg profitable "TREAT the disease, but don't even THINK about curing it" motivation...but have never understood (barring lobbyist influence) why the govt and private organizations who should be first in line to financially support Dr Faustman's phase 2 (and 3) studies are dragging their feet or active in their opposition. How can we lay folks whose contributions can't be but a drop in the bucket to the multi-millions needed possibly help, at least with $$$? Incidentally, if it wasn't for philanthropic billionaire Lee Iacocca who's poured millions into a near single handed campaign to support Faustman's studies up until now, I'm sure she would have had to fold up her research years ago. Point is, beyond our individual $s, seeing Dr Faustman's effort mature into a viable solution will require the deep pocket support by both philanthropic billionairs AND the public and private agencies I've mentioned. How can we help make that happen is the challenge we need to find a solution for! Well, I need to stop, test & shoot for dinner, so will continue later. nevet...80 yo, T1.5 for 20+ yrs, in SoCA USA


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