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The most promising research in healing diabetes type 1



Amount that has been raised until now: $17.7 millions (updated 05-28-2014)

Note: We don't accept donations directly but refer you to the official website below.


This website has been created to support the most promising research in healing diabetes type 1.  This research is totally independent from any pharmaceutical group, as drug companies only focus their research on expensive treatments, and not a cure. 


Considering the success of the first trials, big media is really quiet about this research.  It sounds strange, but the reason is this:  pharmaceutical groups focus their research on expensive treatment and not a cure for the disease root. The research is based on BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin). It’s an old vaccine first used on humans in 1921 to cure tuberculosis. (Source: Fine PEM, Carneiro IAM, Milstein JB, Clements CJ. (1999). Issues relating to the use of BCG in immunization programs. Geneva: WHO) 

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) is a generic drug that has a safety profile of many years, and could translate into a widely available treatment at low cost.

Dr. Denise FaustmanDr. Denise Faustman is head of research at Massachusetts General Hospital, and  associate professor of medicine at Harvard University. Her research is totally funded by people like you, me, and philanthropist groups. The research aims: A) to reverse type 1 diabetes at advanced stage B) at an inexpensive cost, important in order to be affordable to all (BCG is a generic drug) C) to use the safest approach (BCG has long history of safety use) . These three elements together make the research unique. It’s not the interest of pharmaceutical companies to cure diabetes type 1, as their investors are looking at their shares and dividends. It’s not even the interest of diabetes type 1 charity organizations to find the cure of diabetes type 1!  As you know, any charity organization dedicated to type 1 will lose the market as soon as the diabetes type 1 cure is found!  It’s a threat for their profit, business, customers, dividends and shares.  Later in this article I will talk more about the biggest diabetes type 1 charity organization, and how it operates.

In the USA alone, the diabetes type 1 industry is $15-17billion. Source: http://www.thebostonchannel.com/health/24300685/detail.html

A lot of research is being done on diabetes type 1 right now but almost all of it is working on complications instead of the disease root.  This research focuses attention on expensive treatment.… EX: Artificial pancreas, new insulin pump model, etc.  One company is looking for replacement therapy of insulin (called exsulin).   It will not cure the disease at the root, but just replace one drug for another.  Other companies focus the R&D on expensive new nanotechnology and encapsulation.   Can you tell me who will able to offer these expensive treatment options?   It would be reserved for rich people and rich countries. The people without insurance and poor people cannot afford it.

Currently some poor countries cannot even afford the standard insulin treatment for their children.  In those families, they have to choose between their collective starvation and the insulin for one child.  So, it condemns that child to a slow death.  Moreover, some people in rich countries without complete insurance coverage are struggling hard to pay all the supplies for type 1 treatment.

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is the biggest charity toward the cure of diabetes.  In reality, a true cure is a threat to their activity.   Two JRDF doctors tried to send a slander letter about Dr. Faustman’s research to the New York Times, but luckily, it refused to publish the slander letter.  Later, JDRF paid several millions to hire several labs to contradict the Faustman theory.  But instead, all the labs confirmed her research was accurate. Source: http://www.diabeteshealth.com/read/2005/05/01/4126/why-did-the-jdrf-try-to-discredit-cure-research/

In other words:

**JDRF is still not funding the most promising research to cure diabetes type 1**


You can help in three ways to promote the most promising research toward the cure of diabetes type 1:

  1. Spread the word about Dr.Faustman's research

  2. Join our free newsletter lobby group to heal diabetes type 1 now. (Sign-up with the form above at left), and spread the word about our newsletter. You can help us!

  3. Give money to the Faustman Lab, as it isn't sponsored by any pharmaceutical company, or government organization. Any amount will help a little more: $5, $10, $20, $100, $500, etc., whatever you can afford. Official link to offer financial support of Faustman's lab: http://www.faustmanlab.org/support/support.html You can give money here and also receive more information on the project.